Interior design you can afford.

Many GreenWick Interior Design clients don’t believe our amazing prices at first– the company decided to reinvent the traditional interior design model, creating a whole new, extra-affordable way to experience it.
Interior Design

Attention to detail changes lives.

Having a home you enjoy is life-changing. We believe everyone deserves to feel at home in their space. We create atmospheres that truly inspire.

Shouldn’t your living room make you smile? Does your home office put you in a productive mindset? Shouldn’t it all fit your tastes?

Affordable Interior Design Solutions

Interior design: reimagined.

If you need help designing a space, you’ve come to the right place. GreenWick Interior Design offers free virtual consultations to help get you started on your next big project.

We created a solution so you only pay for what you want. We do it together virtually, all from the comfort of your own home.

Our Work

It’s your inspiration that serves as the foundation for every room we create. We’ve perfected a process centered on personal collaboration with every client. The end result is the best vision of your style come to life. Create your dream decor with a professional interior designer on board. Click below to view some of our best work.
Every Space Count
Every Space CountS

Affordable. Professional. Design.

Who said that you can’t afford to hire an interior designer? Owning a mansion isn’t required to live the luxury of having a professional’s help.

When you have a great plan you save by getting everything right the first time, only buying your decor once. We make it easy and affordable to share your unique style with your friends and family.

Renovating Space

Get your decor shipped to you directly and start decorating!

Building Planning

Whether you are adding a wall or a whole new room to your space, we help you plan out every part of your design.

Interior Space

Get a 3D rendering of your space from a professional designer.

Real Estate & Contractors

We work with many different companies to make sure your design is exactly how you want it to be

Small Offices

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Free Consultation

Meet with your designer for free via zoom!

Grace Botirca, Lead Designer GreenWick

Hi, I'm Grace Botirca

GreenWick was built with the passion that everyone deserves to feel at peace in their space! Our goal was to find a way to provide the luxury of interior design and decorating for everyone. Having a home that you enjoy being in can prove to be life changing! We assist in defining all style details, while collaborating with each client to find the perfect options for their home, all within their budget! Our designers work with every home on every budget, so that they can finally love where they live!  

GreenWick was founded with adding virtual designing to the already fascinating world of interior design.  We will partner you with one of our designers to come up with your dream space.  Living room, dining area, and your space, the bedroom, all with you in mind. 


What Our Clients Say

Check out our rave reviews!

Amazing to work with. Very affordable, too. My designer really listened to me and I certainly didn't feel pushed into any specific design or item,which was my main concern. My home is now beautiful and I could NOT have done it without Grace at Greenwick.
Laura Hunt
One of the things I love is her method. She allows me to pick out things based on my budget and taste. She gives options and alternatives in multiple price ranges, so you can pick out what you want. She doesn’t just blindside you like other decorators. We can do one room at a time to work with our timeline and budget. We can move as slowly or as quickly as we want.
Joe & Kylie Lehocky
They listened to my needs and had great ideas on how to utilize every inch of my room. I was impressed with their professionalism and felt very comfortable talking to them during my consultation. Everything they have started is coming together beautifully. I am truly falling in love with my home thanks to all of their great ideas and hard work.
Gina Genovese

Tips & Trends

Trends change quickly. We share new decorating pointers and trends with our friends and fans all the time.

Make your dream home design come to life!

The new year is the best time to transform your spare bedroom into something you’ve always wanted- an office, an extra living space, a kid’s playroom, and much more! Here are a few tips on how to get started with your bedroom transformations!

Home Decor Trends for 2022

Let’s face it– because of recent global events, we have been spending a lot of time at home. You see the same boring walls and floors everyday. Your kitchen has the same look it has always had. The whole place seems outdated with interior design trends from years ago. It’s time for a change of pace. This year’s home decor trends have the power to change the personality of your home. It’s time for a new look!

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