Teacher Tips!

Hey Teachers! School is just around the corner! We can help you stay organized this year with a few tips, tricks, and maybe a shelf or two!

Your desk is your best friend when it comes to teaching, right? That’s where all of your personal things belong and where the famous “teacher pens” are kept. Before your students come back from summer vacation, why don’t you clean out your desk? Keeping only the essentials in your desk drawers, a clean desk helps you stay organized by keeping the clutter to a minimum. It might also allow you to find the thing you’re looking for a little faster!

How about your students’ homework? A low shelf or a small table can hold binders or folders to organize all the week’s paperwork for you, so you don’t have to scramble around to search for it! You could also place your top choices of books for your students so they have access to them. It would save some space, and promote reading!

Some teachers have changed the way their classrooms are layed out. They no longer have rows of desks; they have repurposed tables! Tables take up less room than individual desks do, and you teachers get to show off your style in a functional classroom. In this fun learning environment, students benefit from a different style of furniture, and you benefit from attentive learners!


Start the school year off right by taking the actions necessary for your classroom to be stylish and space-saving! Staying clean and organized is as important as getting all of your lessons planned!

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