Seasonal Transitions

I’m assuming that anyone reading this has an interest in interior decorating. You might kick off the season before it officially begins, much to the annoyance of our neighbors and friends. You know who you are, and I’m here to encourage you and say that it’s okay. In all honesty, those non-decorators appreciate all that we do whether they admit it or not. Maybe not when you put it up a month early, but definitely when the season officially arrives and the spirit is in full swing. This week’s blog is about how to transition your decore between the seasons.
I have two main tips on how to have a smooth and clean transition. The first is to remove all seasonal decor inside and out so you start with a clean slate. I highly recommend this because it gives you a blank canvass to decorate. I like to leave my home like this for at least a week or two and simply enjoy my home in its simplest element. This also allows you to enjoy the next seasons’ decore even more.
My second tip is to do just a little bit of rearranging. This may not be your larger pieces of furniture but smaller tables, chairs or lamps. I often move things out of one room to another, its almost like shopping through your own home. There is so much satisfaction in seeing things you have had in the same place for years in a new spot, then wonder why you hadn’t thought of putting it there before.
I hope this helps you in your seasonal transitions as we all prepare for pumpkins and everything fall! Share your photos, we love to see all of the inspiring and beautiful designs from everyone, and if you need more help that’s what we’re here for!

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