Say yes to curtains

Fabrics are a must in any home to warm up space and bring texture. A great starting point is with the fabrics on your walls, yes I mean curtains! They can either set the mood with the color scheme you’re using or they can be a neutral shade. Either way, it is often overlooked and thought unnecessary because blinds are already existing in the design. Curtains can serve the purpose of privacy, but more often than not they are purely aesthetic. In the same way that blankets throws and pillows soften a design and add comfort curtains or drapes extend that warmth to your walls. Having curtains in your design add depth work to bring the design together for that completed look we all want. Try incorporating a touch of your color scheme into the curtain, it can be very subtle but will help the room come together. Going a step further would be to then use a similar to the same solid in the pillows. We discussed choosing a color scheme previously and that along with the style is the basis for your design.
Another important aspect of choosing curtains is length. You want to have the curtain to extend at least to the top of the baseboard. It can even billow onto the floor, this is a personal preference that looks good in some cases but not all.
Regardless of your preference of color and style curtains are an excellent way to pull it all together. Say yes to curtains, and start dressing your walls up today!

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