Nursery Ideas

Nursery trends come and go…from monochromatic to safari themes, it’s easy to get lost in all the options! That’s why it is best to begin with a small detail you like best and grow from there! If you have a favorite color, character or style, you can develop a cohesive look with a specific beginning point.

If you want a colorful and happy room that isn’t too distracting, opt for a pastel color scheme! Soft pastels allow for a subtle, peaceful brightness in a space. Adding texture and/or print can incorporate creativity without becoming the focal point.



If a separate nursery isn’t in your plans and finding a blended look of your style and your dream nursery is an issue, then maybe a monochromatic theme is the best fit. Begin with a solid color and accessorize each side accordingly. A paired pop of color, texture and/or print can be used to add dimension.

Consider yourself to be au natural? A more nature inspired room might suit you best with incorporating nude colors, but adding texture with wood pieces and cloth additions.

The Montessori look is widely popular and allows for a more neutral, simplistic look. This style leaves room for the crafty parent to join in on the decorating too! With most pieces being made of wood, grab some pieces along with some paint and you’re set!

Remember this is our passion and we’d love to help!

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