Maximalism: The Newest Design Trend


You are probably aware of the interior design trend known as minimalism. Known for its detachment from material possessions, houses with a minimalistic theme tend to be filled with monochromatic colors, simple furniture, and sleek lighting. This style became popular several years ago and now appears to be synonymous with the quintessential modern interior design. However, for the average family, such stark simplicity is impossible to maintain, and for many people, it is an unappealing lifestyle.  

Enter Maximalism: the trendy juxtaposition to minimalism. Where minimalism’s goal was to simplify, maximalism wants to amplify! The most popular ways of doing this are to use bright and busy wallpaper, choose furniture in bold colors, and use many pieces of art instead of one. Houses that embrace the maximalist aesthetic are often comfortable, cozy, and most of all, never boring! At the same time, they can also be overly busy and chaotic. The key to pulling this trend off is to coordinate each room around a guiding theme. Pick a color or piece of art as the central inspiration and then begin to fill your space with furniture and objects that represent a variation on that theme. Another good way to ensure there is no needless clutter is to only choose things that you absolutely love. Admittedly this may take several years of collecting, but this too can be an advantage. It means that each room becomes a living, breathing space, which can accommodate change and growth!  

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