Make your dream home design come to life!

The new year is the best time to transform your spare bedroom into something you’ve always wanted- an office, an extra living space, a kid’s playroom, and much more! Here are a few tips on how to get started with your bedroom transformations!

Before starting any design project, the best way to begin is to contact an interior designer like GreenWick Interior Design! We offer free consultations, easy package options, and are ready to listen to you! Book your free consultation here.

Once you have a designer, figure out how you want your new room to be laid out. This means picking out where you want your desk for your office or shelves for your playroom. Having a plan before you take action is essential! Pick out your wall color and change the flooring if you desire. The more changes you make to your room, the newer it will feel to you!

As you finalize your design decisions, execute your plan with the help of your designer and see your room come to life! Don’t forget to thank your designer for their help and check out GreenWick Interior design for yourself to see if you want to get started with us!

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