Kitchen Renovation Step 1: Layout

For the vast majority of families, the kitchen is one of, if not the, most central room in the house. Because of this, the kitchen is one of the most crucial rooms to get right when remodeling. 

To begin with, you want a good layout for your space. Most older kitchens work under the “golden triangle” theory that suggests that the efficiency of every kitchen comes down to the placement of the refrigerator, stove, and sink. Ideally, these should each create a point of a triangle, with 13 to 26 feet in between each and no obstructions. In recent years, another idea has overtaken the “golden triangle.” The new theory suggests that by creating individual spaces for specific tasks, such as the grilling or prep zone, greater efficiency can be reached, especially in households where multiple people might be cooking at the same time. So to start out your renovation, you need to know which theory you think would fit your household best. If you have a household in which only one person tends to cook at one time then the “golden triangle” is probably right for you. If you live in a household in which people tend to cook together, the zone theory might be a better fit. Next ensure that the placement of each major element, the stove, fridge, and sink, are all appropriate to code requirements. An interior designer can help you determine which layout is best and how to keep everything to code. 

Considering the needs of your specific household and then choosing the appropriate layout will work wonders to streamline mealtimes. It can also help avoid major future remodels by addressing the biggest problems first, instead of fixing merely cosmetic issues.


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