Kitchen Remodel Step 2: Choosing the specifics

After you have configured your kitchen in the desired layout, it’s time to pick everything else! In order to create a cohesive aesthetic for your kitchen, it is essential to pick each element in a specific order.  

Start by asking yourself what style you want your kitchen to convey. While you’re doing this consider the primary color you want for the room but after you have a general idea of the color scheme, pick the countertop first. The countertop is the most used space in the kitchen and a primary focal point. It serves as a basic foundation for the kitchen’s design and must complement every element of the kitchen in order for a coherent theme to be expressed.  

Picking a paint color for the walls and cabinets, backsplash and flooring often occurs congruently in order to ensure that each choice goes well with the other. Always take samples of each and take them home to see how they fit your space and each other. Consider the lighting of the space and how the paint color, backsplash, and flooring will look under it.  

Once you’ve made the above decisions, the last thing to do is to pick the kitchen hardware such as facet color, cabinet handles, and light fixtures. If you chose a cool color scheme, a sleek silver might look best, but a bright gold can also provide a pop of color in an otherwise subtle room. On the other hand, a warm pallet can be toned down with darker hardware, like bronze or black. Whatever you choose, however, it is most important to keep the hardware consistent with itself.  

It is essential to make all of these decisions before any of the remodelings actually starts. That way you find yourself stuck halfway through remodeling while you try to decide on a particular step or having to backtrack and change something.

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