Kitchen Backsplash

So you have your dream countertops all picked out, ready to be installed… and then you remember you still have to pick out your backsplash! Don’t panic- we have you covered! Here is the best way to pick out a kitchen backsplash!

The first question you need to ask yourself is, “what texture and material do I want?” With so many options, it might seem hard to narrow it down to one choice. The most common materials of backsplash are ceramic tile, metal, natural wood, and stone tiles. Each of these are very different from one another and could help you narrow down your choices. Choosing the best shape could also help- geometric, linear, and rhombus, to name a few shapes. There’s a pattern and style to fit all styles!

Another way to help you pick out your backsplash is if you want it to match something in your kitchen, like your countertops or floors! If that’s the direction you want to go, picking your backsplash should be an easy task, like a ceramic time with tiled floors, or a natural wood backsplash with hardwood floors.

Once you have your kitchen countertops installed, put up your backsplash and congratulate yourself! Don’t forget to check out GreenWick Interior Design if you ever need some more design help!

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