How to Select the Perfect Art for your Home.

As an interior decorator I get very excited when it comes time to choose art for a space I’m decorating. Putting the perfect piece of art on a blank wall is so satisfying. It’s like the icing on the cake. You cant have a cake without icing, actually, you can but that’s a boring unfinished cake in my opinion. As much as I love selecting the perfect art for a design I also dread it a little because it’s hard for people to decide on what they want. In the past I would send several items and we would go back and forth for what seemed like an eternity. I really did not understand what the issue was until speaking with a close friend and she told me that choosing art can feel very intimidating. I had never considered that for someone who is not a decorator, choosing the perfect piece of art could be a little scary.
This made me rethink my approach and redefine my process for helping clients choose art. The simple solution was to have the client start browsing art on their own and begin clarifying for themselves what they liked and disliked. It takes time to really start to know what art you like and will enjoy looking at nearly every day. Soon you will know exactly what you like and want in your home. This is a great activity to do with anyone else living in a space that is decorating with you because it makes choosing art fun and easy. Start by taking some time to browse through different styles, mediums, and colors until you find yourself enjoying one more than others. In no time you will be an expert on what art you love and want in your home. I encourage you to get started browsing art and defining your style today. Life is short, so start loving where you live!

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