How to choose the best paint colors for your home and style.

Like all things with Interior decorating choosing a paint color can be intimidating. I’m going to breakdown all of the do’s and dont’s to make the process stress free, fun, and enjoyable. The first step when trying to decide what color you want for your home is to define the style and overall look you want to achieve. I encourage anyone going through the process of decorating your home to start by browsing and saving designs that you love so you are clear on what you like and don’t like. Next, you want to choose a base color for the house, you will use this for the majority of your rooms, hallways, and entryway. Generally, you want a light neutral color for this to open and brighten the space. Adding an accent color to a wall or an entire room is a great way to bring depth to the design and add warmth.
I also recommend getting samples and testing out the paint colors before committing to them. I personally love color in a design and encourage people to be bold and choose something they really love because they will be the ones living in the space. Ultimately do what makes you happy in design, just coordinate colors and decore items so the design is cohesive.
The end goal is that the design makes you happy and has a defined style. Regardless of what your style is when you make it cohesive throughout your home it will look great. Start defining your style today and browsing ideas because the best time to start is right now!

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