Happy Holidays

Christmas is a time to spend with our friends and family, as well as give back to our community. We can incorporate all of our family values, good will, and our love of interior design this Christmas to brighten up the community with holiday spirit!

One of the best ways to spread joy is decorating for the holidays! This can be any place in your town that may be lacking in funding or volunteers to decorate, like the nursing home and hospital rooms. This can be especially cheerful if you know someone in your community that is not able to have family over because of where they reside. Decorating for the holidays will cheer up your neighbors for sure, and you can have fun doing so with your own family and friends!

Another way to give back to your community (and strangers in need) is to volunteer at a toy drive or Christmas angel program. Before you hand your gifts over to those who will receive them, you can wrap them up in pretty packaging. Having a gift for Christmas is more than any child could ask for; what’s even better is when someone puts in the effort to prepare the gift for them to unwrap!

The most important and wondrous thing that we are gifted each Christmas is the time we get to spend together with family and friends. By helping your community, you spread that blessing to others who deserve that same feeling we get when surrounded by our loved ones. Give back to your community and have a happy holiday!

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