Freshen Up Your Home For Summer

With the change in seasons, there is always a unique feeling that comes with the weather. Your home decor should fluctuate along with the seasons. This shouldn’t be a drastic change, but enough that you are bringing the emotions that come with the different seasons into your living space. The idea is really the same as when you decorate for Christmas which is the biggest holiday we spruce up our houses for. You change out a few things, add and take away until it has the perfect winter wonderland feel. When you’re freshening your home up for summer, it’s the same concept.
The first thing I always recommend doing is putting away all the winter and fall things that you don’t use in the summer. A little decluttering of these items goes a long way. Essentially this is spring cleaning, I also like to move furniture around a little if it makes sense. Rearranging furniture is a whole new topic that I’ll touch on down the road.
The next step is to freshen up the look. My go-to summer looks are to first change out the pillow covers. You can do anything that matches the rest of the decor in either a lighter and brighter tone. Or, if you like a bolder look, go for bright colored and fun patterns. Throw blankets are another great way to spruce up a room. Have a lighter colored blanket than what you have for winter, and coordinate it with the pillows for a cohesive look. I also like to add succulents or house plants if you don’t already have them.
We love to see all of your beautiful designs, you can add them in the comment section on our social media pages. Let us know if you need more help, that’s what we’re here for!

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