Focal Point of a Room!

Happy Wednesday! Think fast- what’s the first thing that you see in this room?

If you said the mirror, you just pointed out the focal point of the room! Here’s how to make your room stand out more with a fantastic center of attention!

The emphasis of a certain piece of decor is the focal point of your room. This point is what your friends and family see first when they walk into a stunning room like yours. To help you find this point, think about the textures, sizes, colors, and shapes. What would stand out? The focal point of a room could be big or small, as long as it pops!

Make you room something that people will remember! Bring out an accent piece, like a rug, lamp, painting, and other contrasting decorations. These simple items that blend right in into everyday places can be what makes your room stand out!

You can also make your own accent piece that claims the spotlight. Old furniture and decorations can be transformed into something completely new! It’s sure to stand apart because it’s totally unique!

Finding the center of attention can help you make the statement you’ve always wanted to make! Go ahead and find the focal points in your own house and find the best way to make them pop even more!

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