Finding Your Design Style

Determining your style may not be as easy as you think. There is an abundance of options and with new trends breaking through, the possibilities are endless! Nonetheless, it is important to narrow down your design style as much as you can to achieve a cohesive look in your space.

I like to start by getting to know what style my clients connect with emotionally. The interior of your home reflects the peace in your space and should make you feel happy! Remember, your design style is an expression of you and provides a glimpse into your life from the outside!

The first step to defining your style is to browse and save things that you like. Our GreenWick Pinterest page has great selections to get you started. Treat this process as a fun stress reliever! You will eventually have an inspiration foundation that we can use to create your personalized style.

Let’s explore a few options!

Modern Boho

This style brings together elements from various styles, such as Scandinavian, Art Deco and Classic, but adds a modern twist. It combines these designs with clean lines and sharp geometric shapes. A big thing with this design style is that everything is done in one color, usually neutral tones, which allows for a cohesive look. Plants are also incorporated throughout this style.


This style is all about simplicity in space, material, detail, and color. It provides a sense of clarity and an easy to follow flow.

Modern Farmhouse

This design can be personalized in many ways to create subcategories of Farmhouse. The modern take includes the comfortable aspect of the original, but adds smooth lines, glossy accents and neutral color schemes. Some of the colors you might find used in this style include light blue, butter cream, soft yellow, pear green, cinnamon, and chocolate brown.

Art Deco

The colors in this style are vivid and bold. Electric blue, turquoise, cobalt green and hot pink can all be incorporated. This style is definitely not for those who are shy about their feelings!

Modern Contemporary Design

This style reveals sleek and sophisticated looks that are crisp and clean. Neutral colors are the main components. Many that admire this design style tend to like things that are simple and not overdone.

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