DIY Furniture Painting

Almost everyone I know has painted at least one piece of furniture. Which is usually just the beginning because it can be addicting. The transformation is so rewarding for the little amount of work you put into it that once you get started the inspiration keeps coming. If you’re not sure where to begin I always encourage people to start with that table or chair that you plan on getting rid of. You don’t need to worry about messing it up because it’s already on your list of things to put on the curb. I think one thing that holds people back is the fear of messing up, so you can let that go by starting with your less loved furniture.
There are different types of paint you can use also, the easiest is definitely using spray paint. I usually reserve this for metal furniture but you could use it for wood as well. That said, I usually brush the paint on for wood pieces, it looks nicer, and it’s easier to control where you want the paint to go. With metal furniture, you are usually covering the entire piece and it’s easier to reach in the corners. Sanding will help the paint stick better and is a good idea because it will keep the paint from peeling or chipping over time. If that sounds too daunting just go straight to painting and on your next project, you can take it a step further and start sanding.
Once you’ve braved painting and realize it’s much easier than you anticipated, you might have a few imperfections like drips or uneven coverage. Don’t worry about it! Just distress it! What I love most about distressing is that you can’t mess it up. You can do it a little or a lot and either way it looks great. If you finish and you still want a little bit more of a dramatic look you can change out the knobs or handles for a fresh and polished design. They have so many great options everywhere now for hardware that it can actually be hard to choose sometimes. The most important thing I can say about painting furniture is don’t wait, do it now so you can start to enjoy it. If you need more tips or advice on painted furniture just ask, we love to help and see all of your amazing creations. Follow us for more tips on how to turn your home into your dream home, happy painting!

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