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It’s time to start decorating for the holiday season! Like we talked about in our blog last week, throw pillows are an easy way to decorate for the upcoming holidays. Here are a few tips from us about how to switch up your throw pillows for a more subtle approach to holiday decorating!

One benefit to switching your throw pillows up for the season is that it’s super simple! All it takes is a new pillowcase– you don’t even have to buy new pillows if you want to save a little money! Take your current throw pillows and put on pillow cases that have fall/Christmas colors, seasonal sayings, or festive patterns or pictures on them. This easy fix takes minimal time and effort, so no stress!

Another way to change your decor from the rest of the regular year is to put a new amount of throw pillows on your bed or couch. A new arrangement creates some variety and makes a statement about your sense of holiday decorating. Those changes help draw attention to your throw pillows because they are different, so they definitely help make the room pop with holiday spirit!

Throw pillows are a simple way to add character to your holiday decorating! Take advantage of these tips and make a holiday statement in your own rooms! Don’t forget to book your free virtual consultation at GreenWick Interior Design!

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