Declutter – Back to School Edition

It’s crazy this time of year! Trying to get everything together before school starts can be a hassle! We have your back. Let’s get your kid’s rooms in shape before the school year kicks off to a great start!

The best way to start getting your child’s room in order is to get rid of the clutter they no longer play with or use, like toys and unused furniture. Completely cleaning out will help the space to feel more open and inviting. It helps to organize the items you come across as you clean; it makes the next step so much easier!

Once the bedroom is clean, help your child stay on top of their schoolwork by creating a small space for them to put their backpacks and notebooks with easy access. Shelves and hooks are a great way to give them that without taking up floor space! If you want more storage, a small bookcase or desk would work perfectly to keep the homework contained in one spot. Never hear the excuse “I lost my homework” again!

Brighten up the space you’ve created with some of your child’s artwork or a succulent! It is proven that children- and adults too!- benefit from a clean, refreshed space that they feel comfortable in. A space like this for your child could tremendously help their productivity level and allow them to rise to the top of their class! Maybe you should organize your own room as well!

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