Creating Timelessness

It can be frustrating to spend time and money on a renovation to update your living space, only for trends to change within the next few years, leaving you with an outdated home once again. In order to avoid this problem altogether, it can be an excellent choice to base your renovation not on the most recent trends but on a timeless aesthetic that is capable of withstanding the endless cycle of trends.  

As with most renovations, the first step is always considering your current floor plan. Creating an open layout allows the space to be more versatile. Consider the current style of your house and pay attention to how you can best display its unique beauty harmoniously. While you are considering layout and design, keep functionality as your guiding theme. A house cannot be beautiful and timeless unless it serves its primary purpose, housing you and your family efficiently.  

Timeless homes tend to prioritize comfort and efficiency over extravagance. To achieve this, choose a focal point of your space and balance the elements of your room around it. A neutral palette is also essential to create a timeless look, however, your options are much wider than just a simple white. Beige, gray, light blues or greens or even darker shades can serve as the perfect backdrop in a timeless home. If you really want to include a trend or bold color, consider how to do this with the details of your house, like pillows, throw blankets, or artwork. By doing this you create subtlety that does not overpower the senses. Along these lines, be very careful about the details you do choose, and be mindful of overcrowding the space that you have. Lastly, try to curate your furnishings from a variety of time periods. By doing this, your home will avoid becoming tied to old trends as well as new ones.  

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