Color schemes

The two big aspects of interior design are colors and style. These two things direct the entire design and help keep the project cohesive. In every initial meeting we work to figure out what the color will scheme will be for the project. This should never be just one color, but closer to a series of three or four colors that complement each other. A good rule to follow is two or three neutral colors and one bolder color. For example cream, gray, and classic blue. In this color scheme, cream and gray are the neutrals and the darker shade of classic blue is the bold one. If you are going for a very neutral all-over color scheme you can have your pop of color be a darker shade of one of the neutral colors. For example in a neutral color scheme of gray cream and white, a darker gray along with the lighter gray will add depth and just the right amount of contrast. If feeling a little bolder you could throw in black as well with a pop of gold or silver in the metallic surfaces as an accent.
Another important thing to consider is the surrounding rooms that look into each other. It’s very important to be mindful of staying in tune with the color scheme throughout the open concept areas of your home. This along with the style is what creates a cohesive look. If you have a closed room like a bathroom or a bedroom the color palette can be something completely different. I enjoy changing up the color scheme in closed rooms and making them different than the rest of the house. This can help keep the home from feeling monotonous room to room.
Choosing the colors for a design is a very important step and I hope this helps guide you in the process. If you need more help let us know, that’s what we’re here for!

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