Christmas Decor

Time to put the finishing touches on your Christmas decorations! If you like to stay current, here are the Christmas decorating trends of 2021!

This year, the most popular colors of the season are dark shades! That means it’s time to get out navy blues, dark greens, and even magenta. The most popular color to accent is gold- it compliments the darker colors and really makes them stand out.

While Christmas trees are among the most classical decorations, there are countless ways you can decorate them! The trend for this year is to make an asymmetrical tree. There are many ways to achieve this, as asymmetrical means different things. A few ways to move past perfect cone-shaped trees is to instead get a tree with longer limbs, a rounder body, or has been thinned out. Another way to decorate trendy is to add multiple trees to one room! This can create some variety among the different styles and sizes you put around your home. Trees aren’t the only way to decorate, of course- add some poinsettias to your room to add a small pop of color!

Stay with the current trends this year and decorate in style! For more decorating tips this Christmas, check out our previous week’s blog and GreenWick Interior Design!

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