Bring the Outdoors In

Based on our name alone you could probably guess that GreenWick Interior Design has a
fondness for using plants in our designs. There really is no style dramatically opposed to greenery, it can be incorporated into any style and room. Even the stark bareness of minimalism is best complemented with a plant of some kind because it not only brings beauty but function as they clean the air. Leading me to recommend without fear of contradicting myself in five years, that bringing the outdoors in through the use of strategically placed house plants is an excellent way to freshen up any space in your home.
I have experienced that many people, specifically those lacking a green thumb, are opposed to having this responsibility. To be precise I have fallen into that category, after several failed efforts at sustaining house plants. One plant after another faded away and I eventually gave up and decided to provide plants a better future far away from my home. Recently while working with a client to redesign their home I was confronted with a large number of indoor plants. The difference was that they were not real. However, they were beautiful and good quality so we decided their composition did not matter and we would incorporate them into the new design. Backing up a bit, I had been opposed to using this type of plant previously in our designs. I had adopted the real plant or no plant motto early on in my decorating career and firmly stuck to it. In conclusion, I am a firm believer in growth in all perspectives of life and feel I have definitely grown as a designer in this experience. Breaking away from the rigidness of only using real plants has allowed me to bring greenery into all designs and we are relishing it!

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