All About Wallpaper

Wallpaper has been an artistic design choice since way before anyone reading this was born! The technical development of wallpaper has drastically changed, from single printed blocks of etched illustrations to now digitally printed rolls.

Thanks to new technology wallpaper has become widely available and can even be customized, so you’re never left without an option! Bold designs have become popular ranging from tropical floral prints and geometric patterns to more muted but textured pieces. A great thing about wallpaper is that it allows you to be as bold or as reserved as you would like.

Wallpaper is also very renter friendly! Bypass waiting on paint approval and opt for an easy removal wallpaper that speaks to you!

Design wise, wallpaper can be used to cover as much as or as little space as needed! A great placement is in the bathroom to create an accent wall that helps keep the least appealing space, appealing! Another great place is in the bedroom usually along the wall that the headboard in placed.

A few thing to consider and keep in mind when choosing wallpaper is your overall color scheme! You want to stay within the colors of your home, so that your flow remains cohesive and obvious! Playing with print is fun, but don’t get too carried away!

If color isn’t your thing look for more textured, 3D and metallic pieces to add depth without being too flashy!

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