All about the color scheme!

Colors! We all know that when you see that great paint wall at your local home improvement store, the amount of choices that you have to make may overwhelm you. There are so many combinations of colors, and sometimes your favorites may not go together. Here are some hints to picking the best color scheme for your house, decor included!

Colors are an important factor in interior design. One tip to allow your room to stand out is to create a contrasting color scheme! The best way to do that is to use a color wheel. You know– the thing you made in elementary school art class! A color wheel is actually pretty useful in this situation. Take the color of your wall or painted cabinets and pair your decor with a color on the opposite side of the color wheel. The decor will stand out more because of the contrasting color and make it pop!

If you want to be more traditional, try using a set color scheme! Colors such as beige, tan, brown, black, grey and white are a great neutral base and work great on their own. Another traditional color combination is adding blue or green to your current color scheme. These earth tones go with any color, so have no fear using them!

Your colors are what makes your room bright (or dark– your choice!). Whether you choose a set color scheme or have fun creating your own, your colors reflect the emotions your room brings out!

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