Adding Live Greenery to Your Interior Design

There are an array of options when deciding to “green” up your space from faux to live plants. Both are great options, but adding live greenery to your interior design not only provides an agent of air purification, it also incorporates a natural element of energy and earth tones to your space!

Let’s break it down!

Live plants can create a focal point in an area, or add subtle hints throughout the design. They are a great way to add texture and dimension with the proper selection!

Placing a few pale green or brown greenery in between furniture pieces can help break up the solid feeling and make the room seem more alive!

Playing with color!

Choosing hues such as pale pink or deep purple can really bring your space together. For smaller living spaces, you can choose pastel colored plants to draw the eye naturally. Similarly, adding some colorful plant life to your walls can pull the eye upward, making the space seem taller and more open.

Flowers add a soft glow to a room and can keep you feeling tranquil with their seasonal movement. Potted plants work well for this, providing bright and uplifting tones to any design. Many people choose to add plants that bloom during each season such as, poinsettia during the winter, hydrangea in the spring and marigold in the fall. The beauty and variety of these flowering plants make them a wonderful addition!

Greenery can also be applied to exterior areas, like porches or balconies, creating a cohesive flow throughout your spaces. Various types of plants have the ability to play distinct roles in a design that will elevate the area!

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