Accent Walls

Our bedrooms reflect us- they are the one place in our homes that are completely reserved for your personal style. One way to make sure that your bedroom screams you is by adding an accent wall! An accent wall is one wall that is different from the others in your room. Your possibilities are not limited- there are plenty of ways to create some variety from your other walls! Here are a few tips to make your bedroom accent wall pop!

Paint is a common way to create some diversity within your bedroom. With plenty of colors to choose from, the right shade is up to you and your style! If you need some advice on picking the best color, look at our blog on the color wheel here!

Once you pick the right eye-catching color, ask yourself; do I want to paint the whole wall? Do I want to paint a design? Even painting half of your accent wall is attention grabbing!

Another way to create an accent wall is to use wallpaper or paneling! Wallpaper is great because it comes in a variety of patterns, and it is also useful for a temporary living space or apartment because it is easy to take down. Don’t let that worry you if you want a permanent solution- it’s just as easy to install and maintain! Paneling is similar to wallpaper; the difference is harder material that comes in smaller pieces. Paneling is for when you want a textured accent wall- it comes in all shapes and colors!

An accent wall will add to your bedroom- and any other room in your house- an eye-catching element that elevates your style. Take these tips to your own room and create your own look!

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